Runaway event team

About the Team

Our races wouldn't be the same without the fantastic people working behind the scenes ensuring we deliver a safe and entertaining race experience for our runners.

During our 50k events this can be up to 30 people, completing numerous tasks before, during and after the run.

The event team is a group of individuals that form the backbone of these races, many working at multiple events. In return, we aim to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for those interested in helping and learning with race organisation.

How does it work?

8-12 weeks before each event we send out a request to the event team to see who is available. Once we have a list of people we allocate everyone into the different roles, these typically are:

  • Course marking
  • Event base set-up
  • Course checking
  • Event base registration and marshalling
  • Checkpoint co-ordinator and marshalling
  • Route marshalling
  • Course sweeping
  • Finish line timing and marshalling
  • On-route logistics
Runaway event team


What happens next?

We will be in touch with you be email and then arrange a quick phone call to introduce ourselves and chat about upcoming events.