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24th December 2022

Trail Running Race Trends in 2022

Runaway Adventures takes a look at the evolution of UK trail running through our last 3 years of data.

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15th September 2022

Race Report - Suffolk Coastal Path 2022

The first edition of the SCP50 took place on 10th September, with 80 runners taking on the trails between Lowestoft and Aldeburgh.

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4th August 2022

Five reasons to run the Suffolk Coastal Path 50K

Our new ultra-marathon on the east coast launches on September 10th, here's why you should be on the start list.

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1st August 2022

The best trail and ultra running podcasts

A selection of our must-listen podcasts from the trail and ultra running world.

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9th May 2022

Chiltern Ridge Ultra Trail 2022

We kicked off our ultra season with the 4th edition our classic Chilterns event.

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31st March 2022

Our partnership with Ugoku Projects

Launching our partnership with trail headwear brand Ugoku and a chance to win an entry to this year's Chiltern Ridge 50K.

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18th March 2022

How to fuel for a 50k ultra marathon

As our first races of 2022 approach, running nutritionist Zuzana takes us through her tips for nailing your fueling strategy.

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11th March 2022

Interview - Greensand Country Winners

We had a chat with Liam Ward and Helen Etherington, our 2021 Greensand Country 50k winners.

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8th March 2022

The best 100 mile races in the UK

A look at the five most sought-after 100 mile races within the British Isles.

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4th March 2022

Five reasons to enter our Hughenden race

Our race season kicks off on April 2nd at Hughenden Manor, here's why you should join us.

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7th February 2022

Athletic Brewing joins the team

A free beer for all our 50k runners this year, thanks to the wonderful folk at Athletic Brewing.

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27th January 2022

Where has the Eden Valley gone?

Our Kent race has been put on ice for this year.

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3rd January 2022

Introducing Home Run

This month sees the start of our new training series in Hampstead Heath.

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7th December 2021

Welcome to our new website

We've brought everything under one roof to make sure you don't miss a thing.

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18th November 2021

End of season race review

As the season draws to a close, we reflect on how our five races unfolded.

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14th November 2021

Why you should run twice a day

Practically every distance runners training will contain double runs - and there are two good reasons why.

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2nd November 2021

Dunstable Downs Half Marathon 2021

A new addition to the race calendar allowed us to finish the season in style, at the stunning Dunstable Downs.

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19th October 2021

Training for Trail Running in the city

Callum dispels the myth that you can't train for trail race in London.

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15th September 2021

Eden Valley Ultra Trail 2021

We were back in Kent for the 2nd edition of this picturesque race.

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