Withdrawal options

If you wish to voluntarily withdraw from one of our events please fill out the form below.

Based on the date of your withdrawal you may be eligible for a full or part refund. Those who are due a refund will have this processed within 5 days of the withdrawal date.

Withdrawal date (racing)
Refund %
More than 12 weeks before race day
6-12 weeks before race day
4-6 weeks before race day
Less than four weeks to race day

If you are withdrawing from a meetup, you may transfer to another date free of charge, providing this is requested more than 48 hours before the date.

Withdraw from an event

Please fill in the form below using the same personal details you used when registering for the event.

What happens next?

You will automatically be withdrawn from the race and if eligible you will receive confirmation of your refund within 5 working days.