Written by Chris Bradley

Published on 7th February 2022

We're over the moon to have partnered with Athletic Brewing for the upcoming race season.

Athletic Brewing produces, in our view, the best alcohol-free beer on the market. After a hard run, it provides the perfect thirst quencher and gets you straight on the road to rehydration.

Each runner of our 50k races will receive an ice-cold can as they cross the finish lineā€”an excellent way to kick off the post-race celebration.

Their two core beers are Run Wild IPA and Upside Dawn Golden Ale. Both have passed the taste test with flying colour's here at Runaway Adventures HQ!

As your training ramps up for your next race, why not keep a 6-pack in the fridge. Runaway Adventures fans receive 20% off when using the code RUNAWAY20

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Athletic Brewing Athletic Brewing
50km -8th October 2023
10.2km -10th December 2023
10km -7th April 2024
21.1km & 10.6km -13th April 2024
50km -27th April 2024
50km -26th May 2024
21.2km -16th June 2024
21.2km -14th July 2024
50km -14th September 2024

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